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In order to report illegal or abusive activity involving domain names registered through our Registrar please follow the instructions below.

You can submit a complaint by sending an email to the address you can see to the right, or by using a web form at the bottom of the page. You may also call us to submit a report verbally. However, please note that reports sent by phone will be responded to by email, so be sure to specify your email address during the call.

Please provide concrete evidence for your allegations and any other important details that would help us confirm the validity of the incident.
While anonymous complaints on obvious and major violations may be accepted, at our own discretion, as valid reports, we do require you to include your name and title of organization you represent, if any.

When your issue involves two or more domains, please combine them in a single report. Additional information for already submitted reports should be sent as a reply to original email chain to avoid duplication.

The following table specifies evidence we require for most common domain abuse types, as well as some recommendations and tips.

Type of abuse Required evidence Tips and recommendations
Child abuse – adult content involving minors - Abusive domain(s)
- URL(s) containing abusive materials
We advise sending a separate report to the hosting provider so that they could take action on their side as well
Phishing – attempts to acquire sensitive or private information, often by using fake websites that are copying or using elements from legitimate ones. - Abusive domain(s)
- URL(s) containing abusive materials
- A link to legitimate website
- Technical information, such as your browser version and platform (PC or mobile), a country your IP address is located in etc.
Illegal pharmacy – domains that facilitate the sale of prescription drugs, substituted, outdated or counterfeit medications or various controlled substances without a valid license. - Abusive domain(s)
- URL(s) containing abusive materials
- Screenshots of reported website
If you have doubts about the legitimacy of pharmacy website, you can refer to industry specialists such as LegitScript for assistance
SPAM – unsolicited email marketing, including the so-called 'spamvertising' - Abusive domain(s)
- Full email with technical headers
Miscellaneous abuse reports – carding, identity theft, terrorist propaganda, HYIP, unauthorized redirect/frame/IP pointing etc. - Abusive domain(s)
- URL(s) containing abusive materials
- Screenshots, logs etc.
Fraud / Scam – intentional deception to secure unfair or unlawful monetary gain - Abusive domain(s)
- URL(s) containing abusive materials
If you believe you are the victim of an internet crime, or if you are aware of an attempted crime, you can file a complaint through the Internet Crime Complaint Center. You may also contact your local authorities in order to get the issue investigated and resolved.
Whois inaccuracy – false or inaccurate domain contact details in Whois or RDAP database - Domain name
- Incorrect contact fields

We investigate all reports and complaints, taking action when necessary. Well-founded reports of Illegal Activity submitted to our contacts will be reviewed within 24 hours. Please allow us up to 72 hours to investigate and resolve your abuse report. The timeframe may vary depending on each case.

Reports from all sources are converted into tickets within our internal ticket system. Each ticket is assigned a priority and an agent responsible for it. Complainants may continue submitting further information or evidence and communicating regarding the status of the ticket by replying to the email without changing its subject. It is required to use the same email address which was used to submit the report (or the one mentioned over the phone) in order to keep the process streamlined and secure, and to avoid ticket duplication which will contribute to faster resolution times and efficient progress tracking.

Additional information

In cases of trademark infringement involving domain names, we recommend you to seek resolution through the UDRP or URS proceeding.
For additional info and a list of ICANN-approved resolution providers please visit these links for UDRP and URS.
Our point of contact for all UDRP/URS related communication: abuse@pananames.com

Alternatively, you can pursue the matter in a court of competent jurisdiction, which is either Panamanian court or a court of a country where domain registrant is based.

Regarding DMCA notices: Please note that since URL Solutions, Inc. does not provide hosting services and acts only as the domain registrar, we do not have the technical ability to take action in response to a DMCA notice.
Our recommendation in this case is to contact the hosting provider.

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